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Packet Design - Explorer Suite Version 17.1

Was ist neu in der Explorer Suite Version 17.1 von Packet Design?

- "My Dashboard"
Erstellen Sie ihr eigenes Dashboard und bearbeiten Sie die  "My Dashboard-Inhalte".

- "Before and after Path View"
Erfasst Routing-Pfade in Echtzeit. Das Vergleichen der Pfade in der gleichen Kartenansicht hilft, zu identifizieren, wann und wie ein Pfad geändert wurde und identifiziert die vorherigen und aktuellen Hopfen, die sowohl von den Vorwärts- als auch von Rückwärtspfaden genommen wurden.

- "SDN Path Provisioning"
Die SDN Path Provisioning App ermöglicht es einem Netzbetreiber, einen Katalog von Diensten mit verschiedenen Richtlinien (Pfadbeschränkungen) zu erstellen.


Hohe Verfügbarkeits-Überwachung

High Availability Monitoring

Datacom Newsletter:

Network Taps are often used in network and security monitoring applications to create permanent access ports for passive monitoring. A Tap, can be set up between any two network devices, such as firewalls, routers, and switches. Network appliances can simply plug into the access port created by the Tap and receive “in-line” data.








Neues VERSAstream Model VS-104 - Datacom Newsletter

The new VERSAstream™ Model VS-104

Datacom Newsletter:

The brand new VS-104 Packet Broker can be connected to Tap or SPAN ports to provide enhanced monitoring capability. The VS-104 makes copies of the data created by Tap or SPAN ports and provides the packet copy to one or multiple tools for application, security or recording purposes. In this mode, the VS-104 can replicate traffic from a single Tap or SPAN port so that up to 3 monitoring tools have access to the copy of traffic. In addition to being able to replicate traffic to multiple tools, this mode also provides the capability of sharing identical copies of traffic with multiple departments. This can eliminate SPAN port contention and allow each department access to a wider variety of data.



Verbindung bei 10G Ports - Datacom Newsletter

How 10G Fiber Ports Establish Link

Datacom Newsletter:

10G Fiber ports have an authentication process that is required before they can link up. They will use “Port 1” and “Port 2” as ports in this example:
1. The Transmit (Tx) side of Port 1 sends out a “Hello” message.
2. The message is received on Port 2’s Receive (Rx) side
3. Since Port 2 received a “Hello”, it will now send a message out on its Transmit (Tx) side that says “Link up”.
4. Port 1 will receive this “Link up” message on its Receive (Rx) side. Now that is has been received, it will change to the Link up state.
5. This process also occurs simultaneously with Port 2 sending out a “Hello” message simultaneously.



Packet Design software reaches EOS

"EOS announcement – Packet Design software version reaches EOS (end of support) on 1 June 2017.

Customers should update to a supported version 16.1.18 or later for optimal performance."

Andrew McFarland, Packet Design





Article about NetQuest

"Shedding the Light on Deep Network Visibility for Cyber Intelligence Applications.

DWDM is the backbone technology for optical networks but presents a challenge to government agencies with intercept responsibilities."

Mike Seidler, Senior Product Manager from NetQuest Corporation talks about Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM).




Einführung 2 Neuer Bypass Switche für 10G/1G Anwendungen

Issues with in-line appliances can slow down your outbound network traffic and are nearly impossible to troubleshoot. Keeping these appliances up and operational regardless of scheduled down time, in-line appliance upgrades, or network failure is critical. When installing security solutions that employ in-line devices, there is a delicate balance between protecting the network and allowing the production network to flow unobstructed.


Erweiterung der Datacom Systems Produktlinie


Datacom Systems has just released their newest product the DS-1404/1406. A 10G/1G fiber DURAstream series Bypass Switch that can ensure your network’s most important network links do not fail even when in-line devices do.


Die Grundlagen des Internet Routing (Teil 2)

Service Provider Interconnection

BGP alone cannot deliver traffic originating from one AS to its destination. This is where network operators and inter-AS relationships come in. Network operators across the world, while competing, also cooperate to make global Internet routing successful for their customers. This interconnection allows for traffic originating from a source in one AS to traverse multiple AS’s that lie in between and reach its destination located in another AS.


Die Grundlagen des Internet Routing (Teil 1)

This is part one of a two-part blog post.

The world of Internet routing and interconnections is vastly different from what you probably learned and experienced in an enterprise network. If you, like me, have wondered how your data traverses global service provider networks to reach its destination, here is a birds’-eye view of the Internet routing world.


SDN Einführung, Hürden und Apps

Last week I presented the results of the TechValidate survey of network operators we commissioned on the extent and impact of routing issues in the WAN. We also asked three questions about their current adoption of and expectations for WAN SDN. The respondents were network professionals and executives working for mostly regional/tier-2 network operators in 27 countries on five continents (none were Packet Design customers to avoid skewing the results). Here’s what they said.


NFV/SDN Realitätscheck: Wo befinden wir uns?

“It’s nice to see the telecom industry move at less than a snail’s pace…” said Peter Jarich, vice president at analyst firm Current Analysis, to Dan Meyer during the latest NFV/SDN Reality Check video show. Dan, who is editor-in-chief of RCR Wireless News, interviewed Peter about the status of NFV and SDN development and deployments as well as the challenges facing operators. Here’s a summary of some of the most compelling things Peter had to say (edited for readability). The interview starts at the 4:13 mark if you want to watch the whole thing.