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Multicast Explorer
End-to-end visibility for Route Explorer






Multicast Explorer takes the guesswork out of planning changes to multicast configurations by providing powerful and accurate interactive modeling capabilities using the current network routing topology, not static network configuration data. Network engineers, planners and architects can simulate adding or deleting a multicast group or editing an existing group, such as a changing a source router, RP or receiver, or enabling/disabling PIM on an interface, and view the impact. Error conditions can also be modeled, such as a link or router failure, to see how multicast trees would be affected. In addition, different multicast traffic volumes can be simulated to validate network capacity. With these easy and interactive modeling capabilities, misconfigurations can be avoided and optimum multicast configurations achieved without time-consuming and disruptive iterations.




  • Ensure data is delivered across multicast groups in a timely and fair fashion.
  • Be alerted to multicast routing anomalies to avoid prolonged outages that impact service delivery.
  • Troubleshoot intermittent and hard-to-find multicast issues faster.
  • Eliminate outages caused by misconfigured multicast routing and groups.
  • Understand traffic volume by multicast group for better planning and congestion avoidance.
  • View always-current network routing and traffic behavior with minimal management overhead.
  • Achieve rapid time to value and low TCO.


Route Explorer Overview


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Route Explorer Harnessing the Intelligence of IP


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